About Us

Who we are

The Kingseven online shop, founded in New York City in 2009, has earned a reputation for bringing exceptional and unique items to the online market.

When we founded our company in 2009, we wanted to make online shopping not only simple, convenient, and fast, but also an adventure for our customers.

And you know what? It worked! Our combination of technology, unique articles, strive to innovate, and teamwork has led Kingseven to have one of the most prominent and exciting online platforms in the world.

New York City is our home. All our processes are programmed, analysed, and optimised in New York City. And, because we seek to improve every day, we create our own working methods.

Our sunglasses are all about quality, variety, and reliability. That's why we maintain a close relationship with our suppliers and product partners, creating a win-win situation for our customers, suppliers, and Kingseven.

To provide a comprehensive online shopping experience, Kingseven has dedicated product managers who are mainly responsible for adjusting offers and prices to ensure that you, as an end customer, get the most out of your purchase.


Kingseven's communications experts enable us to succeed in the international retail market by improving customer service, payment methods, logistics, and sales for the sunglasses market.

Kingseven is leading the way in the development of the online shopping experience. We specialize in creating the best and most competitive price for our products. That's how we can ensure that every single purchase you make at Kingseven is made with a clear conscience.

Because of our firm presence in the online market, we have been able to deliver our sunglasses to over 500 million people worldwide.

Because... we never stop learning because we never stop innovating!


Our workspace & team

It is important for a team not to rely on a single individual

At the Kingseven workshop, we require an entrepreneurial and courageous spirit so we can implement personal ideas and ensure the success of the company.

To do this, we require employees to understand the required knowledge and appropriate context, enabling them to categorise information and opportunities, while using the right platforms to express their ideas and opinions.

For example, during our meetings the various Board Executives regularly present tangible projects.


The Kingseven company employs over 50 people managed by the board of T&B Partners.

Today, we assign small project teams to work on developing innovative services and testing new technologies in New York City.



Our logistics, shipping, and warehouses

The demands are constantly growing

As the volume of customers continues to grow, the demand on logistics and technology increases as well. To better meet the diverse needs of our growing customer base, Kingseven has expanded its logistics network.

Today, a network of two central logistics centers in the United States and Italy cover the worldwide online market. 


Our cooperation with an IT law firm

For 100% security on the Kingseven online platform.

As a law firm with a focus on IT and Internet law, we place great importance in protecting your data and the value of your privacy.

You can find more information in our privacy policy.

Kingseven thrives on feedback

Feedback helps us constantly improve our skills and our working methods – this is the only way we can move forward. Our culture is not only based on giving regular feedback to our employees, but also on actively seeking it from each employee and using it to develop as a company.

We think a discussion should be constructive and appreciative. To achieve this and encourage colleagues to learn from feedback, we use smart systems, as well as regularly run employee and management training courses and provide individual teams with feedback experts.

Contact/Feedback: kontakt@kingseven-shop.com